Although most of my work often lies under NDAs, here is a small sample of a few projects I’ve worked on. If you wish to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Wing Chun Gujan

Hugo - Design, front and backend development.

Benjamin Gourven is a self-defense instructor in Gujan, a small town in the south west of France. He wanted a website that would present his activities as well as allow him to showcase a few pictures of his martial arts seminars.
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Agence Saint Germain

Wordpress - Front and backend development.

Agence Saint Germain is a talent agency that features professional photographers, videomakers and make-up artists.

Their primary goal was to offer a platform that would help show the work of their various talents.

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Healthy Warriors

Wordpress - Front and backend development.

Healthy Warriors is a yoga class based in Paris, as well as a fitness center and a healthy café.

For their website, they needed something visually attractive which would inform their student about the upcoming classes and present the various teachers.

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18-55 Productions

Wordpress - Graphics, Front and backend development.

18-55 Productions is a video production company based in Bordeaux, France.

For their website, they needed something simple which would put their work upfront as well as the various talents whom work with them.

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