Agence Saint Germain

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Agence Saint Germain is a talent agency that features professional photographers, videomakers and make-up artists.

Their primary goal was to offer a platform that would help show the work of their various talents.

The website makes heavy use of the Javascript library Masonry, used as a helper to organize the content which can be presented using various formats. A slight custom parallax effect had to be made for the front page.

The site allows the visitors to select photos and add them to a “lightbox”, which is then used to generate a custom PDF file that acts as a digital contact sheet.

The navigation is minimalist to the point that it’s almost invisible at first, as the client wished for a site that would show the artworks to their fullest.

Client: Ligne 13

Used for this project:

  • Wordpress
  • Masonry
  • ACF
  • LESS
  • Gulp