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Published on July 31, 2018 - 1 min.

NySB is a creative design company based in Paris. For years they've worked with numerous clients, creating visual identity, branding or packaging. They have a solid background in visual design, and are commited to further express their creativity on various digital platforms. Thus, they needed someone to help them build a website that could transpire these ideas. "Be bold, but don't lose yourself in the process". That was the approach they had when designing their website, and I truly believe the end product is a good representation of what they aspire in their work.

It's been a pleasure working with Thomas and Pierre-Mathieu for this first project. They have a clear image of what the end product should look like, and they are complementary in their ideas and approach. They've trusted me to make their design ideas a reality while listening to the advice I could give them about UX or Responsive Design ideas.

For this project, we used Wordpress, Bulma and Webpack.

Head over to https://nysb.paris to see what we came up with!